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  • A & B = Assault and Battery
  • A.D.W. = assault with a deadly weapon: in some jurisdictions, a crime referring to the act of harming another person with a weapon likely to cause fatal injuries, such as a gun or knife. This is as opposed to simple assault, which is more broadly defined.
  • Agg. assault = aggravated assault: in some jurisdictions, a crime stronger than simple assault.
  • A.P.B. = All Points Bulletin: a notice distributed throughout a single department or multiple police departments asking to be on the lookout for a certain individual.
  • B & E = Breaking and Entering
  • Battery = a crime often associated with assault (i.e. the expression "assault and battery"), but legally distinctly separate, whereby an individual attempts and succeeds at causing physical harm to another. In some jurisdictions, assault cannot occur without battery.
  • BOLO = Be On the Look Out
  • Burner
    • slang term for a gun
    • prepaid cell phone, no plan, no minutes, and most importantly ... usually no GPS
  • C.O.D. = Cause of Death
  • C.S.U. = Crime Scene Unit - they document and gather physical evidence from a crime including fingerprints and DNA (not to be confused with the show CSI)
  • G.S.W. = Gun Shot Wound
  • Gumball = slang term for the gumball-shaped siren that can be easily mounted on the roof of an unmarked police car, then removed so the car cannot be identified as a police car.
  • L.U.D.S = Phone records: Local Usage Details [1]
  • Make -- for example: Beckett: I make the building across the street = to identify something, such as a building or weapon, as being involved in the committing of a crime. In this case, Beckett, using evidence at a crime scene, surmises that a gunshot was fired from the window of a building across the street.
  • Pop and Drop = a shooting death (Pop: sound of the gunshot, Drop: what the victim does after being shot and killed)
  • T.O.D. = time of death
  • Tin = slang term for a police badge